Creative and Functional Fashion for the Every Woman.

Lady Houdini Shawls was founded in 2013, when the designer Michelle Moriarty found the corporate rat race to be exhausting and sought out an opportunity to be her own boss. After a few years doing local art markets, it was time to share my designs with the world. Quitting my day job, I can now make my shawls and business my priority. All items are handmade at with love in Tempe, Arizona.

Always being someone who saw one thing but envisioned something new. Yearning for a fashionable yet functional design, the Lady Houdini Shawl and Pashmina were born. It is worn over the head in almost a poncho-like style and gives you many wearable options. You can drape it with the seam to the front, seam to the back, seam to the side or tie it around your neck as a scarf. They are timeless fashion pieces that are functional yet flattering.

One Shawl does it all!

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